Safety start-stop switch according to IEC 60947-1 and IEC 60947-3.

The INT is IP65 and always equipped with an auxiliary contact.

Useful for cutting the current before handling the fan.


Code Name
INT253PA INT 25 3P A
INT256PA INT 25 6P A
INT323PA INT 32 3P A
INT326PA INT 32 6P A
INT403PA INT 40 3P A
INT406PA INT 40 6P A
INT633PA INT 63 3P A
INT636PA INT 63 6P A
INT1003PA INT 100 3P A
INT1006PA INT 100 6P A
INT1253PA INT 125 3P A
INT1256PA INT 125 6P A
INT1603PA INT 160 3P A
INT1606PA INT 160 6P A