• Galvanised steel sheet housing.
• Polyamide impeller reinforced with fibreglass in models 7/7, 9/9, 10/10 and 12/12. The impeller of the rest of models are made of galvanised steel sheet.
• Double inlet forward curved impeller in all models.
• Supplied with mounting feet (included in price). Except 15/15 which is a cubic model.
•Exclusive system Casals fixing motor and turbine fan by flexible arms silent blocks to avoid any vibration. Arms in compliance with ROHS regulations 2002/95 / EC (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment)
•Closed motors specially designed Casals: extruded aluminum housing, all protected inside the terminal box on the motor IP 65 protection and motor with IP54 protection and Class F insulation standard voltages: 230V 50Hz in single phase and 230/400V 50Hz three-phase.
• Single phase motors with controllable voltage speed. Three phase motors controllable using a frecuency speed controller

Designed for assembly in equipment:
• Ventilation boxes and air handling units.
• Centrifugal heaters.
• Industrial and professional kitchen hoods. Use in supply or extraction with prior fat filtering.
• Maximum working temperature: 50ºC for single phase motors and 60ºC for three phase motors.

• Impeller made of galvanized steel sheet.
• MBI assembled

Code Name
251600161 BD 12/9 T6 1,1kW
251100261 BD 7/7 M4 0,13kW
251160260 BD 7/7 M6 0,04kW
251270260 BD 9/7 M4 0,35kW
251260261 BD 9/7 M6 0,13kW
251220260 BD 9/9 M4 0,35kW
251280261 BD 9/9 M6 0,13kW
251340260 BD 10/8 M4 0,59kW
251330261 BD 10/8 M6 0,21kW
251520160 BD 12/12 T6 1,1kW
251600261 BD 12/9 M6 0,76kW
252370106 BD 15/15 T6 2,2kW
251320260 BD 10/10 M4 0,59kW
251370261 BD 10/10 M6 0,21kW
251520261 BD 12/12 M6 0,76kW