• Medium pressure centrifugal fan with direct coupling.
• Reinforced housing made of carbon laminated steel, protected against corrosion by powder coating polyester resin RAL 5010. Finish C3.
• Casing fully latched and adjustable.
• Self-cleaning turbine and reinforced impeller with high-performance backward (reaction) blades made of carbon laminated steel dynamically balanced to minimize noise and vibrations. Black painting RAL 9005
• ATEX standard asynchronous motor. ATEX certified: II2G Ex-d, Ex-e / II3G Ex-nA. IP55 protection and class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230/400V 50Hz in three phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.
• Motor with flange (B5), airtight axle
• Double suction flange
• Available in the following guidelines (to be indicated in case of order): LG and RD.
• Maximum working temperature in continuous: transported air: 130ºC, ambient: 60ºC.


• Ventilation in indoor environments classified as ATEX. Suitable for moving clean or dusty air. Designed to be fixed in the double suction flange, with the motor in vertical position.

  •      Paint booths
  •      Collection of dust
  •      Food industry dryers
  •      Food processing
  •      Incineration
  •      Odor control in industry
  •      Indoor / outdoor pollution control
  •      Big buildings
  •      Malls
  •      Factories / Industrial buildings
  •      Warehouses
  •      Extraction of smoke
  •      Boilers and ovens
  •      Manufacture and treatment of chemical products.
  •      Tunnels, underground stations.


· Fans for 60Hz and special voltages.
· 2 speed motor.
· C4 or C5 coating painting
· Hot dip galvanized
· Inox 304 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Inox 316 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Atex classification for other areas
· Fully welded housing (waterproof)
· Inspection door to facilitate maintenance and cleaning
· Drain plug.
· Other brands of motors.

Code Name
PS4012100X_ PRESTUR 401 T2 3kW ATEX
PS4022112X_ PRESTUR 402 T2 4kW ATEX
PS5624100X_ PRESTUR 562 T4 3kW ATEX
PS6314112X_ PRESTUR 631 T4 4kW ATEX
PS7124160X_ PRESTUR 712 T4 11kW ATEX
PS8014160X_ PRESTUR 801 T4 15kW ATEX
PS8024160X_ PRESTUR 802 T4 15kW ATEX
PS311280X_ PRESTUR 311 T2 1,1kW ATEX
PS312280X_ PRESTUR 312 T2 1,1kW ATEX
PS351290X_ PRESTUR 351 T2 2,2kW ATEX
PS352290X_ PRESTUR 352 T2 2,2kW ATEX
PS452490X_ PRESTUR 452 T4 1,1kW ATEX
PS501490X_ PRESTUR 501 T4 1,5kW ATEX
PS502490X_ PRESTUR 502 T4 1,5kW ATEX
PS5614100X_ PRESTUR 561 T4 2,2kW ATEX
PS6324132X_ PRESTUR 632 T4 5,5kW ATEX
PS7114132X_ PRESTUR 711 T4 7,5kW ATEX
PS7124132X_ PRESTUR 712 T4 9,2kW ATEX
PS311471X_ PRESTUR 311 T4 0,37kW ATEX
PS312471X_ PRESTUR 312 T4 0,37kW ATEX
PS351471X_ PRESTUR 351 T4 0,37kW ATEX
PS352471X_ PRESTUR 352 T4 0,37kW ATEX
PS401480X_ PRESTUR 401 T4 0,55kW ATEX
PS402480X_ PRESTUR 402 T4 0,55kW ATEX
PS451480X_ PRESTUR 451 T4 0,75kW ATEX