Structure made of extruded aluminum profiles available in different dimensions according to the panel to be installed and the fan volume. The profiles joining is made of polyamide corners, which gives them great strength and the possibility of disassembling the structure into pieces.

Panels can be made of a single sheet with inner insulation of 10 mm thick polyethylene foam, or 2 sheets (sandwich panel) with thicknesses of 25 mm or 50 mm, depending on the required attenuation degree.

The sheets of each panel can be galvanized steel, galvanized steel with coloured plastic coating or stainless steel.

The lower part is finished off with a structure / plinth for transport and handling, made of galvanized sheet or upn-80/100 joist, depending on the cabin dimensions and weight.

The air inlets and outlets of the cabin have anti-vibration tarpaulins coupled to mounted fans. These fans rest on a floating base with acoustic dampers.

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