The CO-MASTER carbon monoxide detection system has been designed for use in car parks where CO can accumulate. This system is certified according to the UNE 23300:1984 regulation, which fulfi ls the requirements of Spanish Royal Decree 2367/1985 and the Spanish Technical Building Code [Código Técnico de Edificación].
The range of CO-MASTER carbon monoxide control panels is made up of 3 models; 1, 2 and 3 zones are available to cover all the requirements of small and large installations.
Each module includes a display showing the CO concentration of the zones. Each of them can control the air renewal group manually or automatically. The automatic control lets you work in an advanced mode in which the overall system’s power consumption is reduced. In order to obtain this reduction, the module performs algorithms to minimize the air renewal output activations by taking the individual measurement of each detector in the zone.
Each zone module lets you connect up to 32 CO-SENS or CO-SENS COMPACT carbon monoxide detectors. The connection to the module is done through 2 wires, the detectors may be distributed along 2,000 meters in length and each detector covers 200 m2; this value is defi ned as the maximum surface in current legislation.
The CO-MASTER system can control a speed regulator through the optional CO-CARD. The speed regulator control is focused on minimizing the power consumption of the overall system, and also reduces the noise level of the air renewal group.
This system is also equipped with SCADA software which, together with the optional CO-CARD ETHERNET, lets you control the system remotely.


  • UNE 23300:1984 approved
  • LOM 08MOGA3532 Certificate
  • Modular and expandable system
  • Up to 19,000 m2 protected area
  • 1, 2 and 3 zones per panel
  • Concentration indication per zone
  • 2 extraction relay outputs per zone
  • 1 alarm relay output per zone
  • Up to 32 detectors per zone
  • Two-wire connection without polarity
  • Working mode for low power consumption
  • Control option per speed regulator
  • System’s remote control option
  • Multi-language keyboard

Car parks or other places where concentrations of CO can accumulate.

* It is necessary to buy a CO-CARD or CO-CARD ETHERNET so that the control panel can govern the fans.

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