• Ventilation box with 30 mm aluminum profile structure, nylon corners, galvanized sandwich panels with internal insulation rockwool (25mm thickness) class A1 (non-combustible) of 90kg/m3 density. All panels are equipped with "fastening system" for the quick assembly and disassembly whenever required, either for cleaning, maintenance or exchanging of panels.
• Centrifugal fan with motor coupled directly to the impeller.
• Circular inlet to facilitate duct connection. Open outlet.
• Models with AC and EC motor inside the air flow.
For models with AC motor, standard asynchronous squirrel cage motor with IP-55 protection and Class F insulation. Standard voltages of 230V for single-phase motors and 230/400V 50Hz for three-phase motors.
For models with EC motor:

  • PM brushless motor (permanent magnets), synchronous, electronically commutated, high efficiency and low sound level. Specially designed for fans with electronic operation and control in deported box IP65.
  • Working range: from 400 to 1200-2000rpm (depending on the models)
  • Motor with IP54 protection and class F insulation. IP 65 drive case
  • Power: 220V ± 10% single phase
  • Power frequency: 50 / 60Hz
  • Operating temperature range: -20ºC to 50ºC
  • Speed ​​control through signal 0-10V or PWM

• Backward curved single inlet impeller of high performance with self-cleaning system made of steel. Balanced statically and dynamically at origin.
• Exchangeable panels.


Designed for inline installation, they are suitable for:
• Air renewal in buildings and industries.
• Smoke extraction.
• Maximum working temperature: single phase 50ºC, three phase 60ºC.

Code Name
247630106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 630 T4 4kW
247450103A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 450 M4 1,1kW
247450106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 450 T4 1,1kW
247500103A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 500 M4 1,5kW
247500106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 500 T4 1,5kW
247560106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 560 T4 2,2kW
247720106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 710 T6 2,2kW
247310103A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 315 M4 0,18kW
247310106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 315 T4 0,18kW
247350103A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 355 M4 0,25kW
247350106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 355 T4 0,25kW
247400103A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 400 M4 0,55kW
247400106A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 400 T4 0,55kW
247259103A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 250 0,37kW EEC
247319103A25 BOX RL PLUS EVO 315 0,37kW EEC