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High efficiency heat recovery unit (Eff. 84%). Equipped with a rotary heat exchanger (regenerative recuperator) made of aluminum (certified Eurovent) and EC electronic fans with backwards blades.

This recuperator is supplied in monobloc or in modules separately (on request). The CIRKEDO EEC has two versions available, MURAL or VERTICAL.



• Built with aluminum profile frames, extruded panels and sandwich 45 mm thick, insulated in polyurethane foam. The panels and internal components are made of Aluzinc, a material that ensures a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. A pair of panels with a hinged opening makes easy access to the ISO ePM1 70% (F7) filters for the renewal airflow and ISO ePM10 50% (M5) for exhaust airflow.

• Designed to be installed inside buildings; It is supplied with 100 mm high aluminum bases for installation on the floor.

• It can be equipped with air post-treatment systems (inside the unit) such as: hot water battery and electric heater with variable speed.


• Aluminum rotary heat exchanger (regenerative recuperator) with 84% efficiency.

• Certified by Eurovent.



• FAN EEC PLUG type fans.


• ISO ePM1 70% (F7) in impulse and ISO ePM10 50% (M5) in return.

• Maintenance by the side panel.


• Supplied complete with electrical panel and control system; the version is equipped with CTRL-DPH control or with more advanced CTRL-MAX2 control, prepared for complete integration in home automation systems (Modbus protocol) with Ethernet connection or, on request with RS485 connection. The new version of our control systems allows very easily, a high speed of transmission from one control system to another, even after installation with only the replacement of the remote panel.

• CTRL-DPH has a backlit color touch screen interface that allows an intuitive view of the operating status of the equipment; allows the timely regulation of fan speed and programming a weekly schedule for automatic fan management. It can be controlled from an external switch to activate the boost function; You can adjust the air flow automatically if it is connected to an air quality probe; can control any accessory for the post-air treatment, manages the bypass automatically and avoids the heat exchanger brine by managing the fan speed and signals to the user the need to replace the filter (the state of obstruction of the filters is monitored by a pair of differential pressure switches as standard) or the start of an anomaly that indicates its origin. With the addition of optional accessories (Kit COP and CAV Kit installed in the duct) it is possible to regulate the machine in constant pressure or constant flow.

• CTRL-MAX2 has the same characteristics as the CTRL-DPH version with the addition of the Modbus communication protocol that allows full control of the machine by the home automation system supervision software. The implemented web server allows you to interact with the machine even with an Internet browser of a device connected (also remotely) to the home automation network in which the same machine is inserted.



Shopping centers, shops, banks, hotels, schools, office buildings, public buildings and ideal for cold environments thanks to the use of a rotating interchange cell and its Frost functions

For a more complete vision of the characteristics of the control systems, please refer to the respective manuals.

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