CTH3 F400

CTH3 F400


• Roof cowl made of ABS
• Structure, roof base support and bird protection guard made of galvanised steel.
• High efficiency backward impeller with self-cleaning system of steel.
• Standard asynchronous motor with IP-55 protection and Class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230V 50Hz in single phase motors, 230/400V 50Hz  in three phase motors and 400V 50Hz in 2 speed motors.

Specially designed for roof installation, they are suitable for:
• Smoke extraction.
• Smoke emergency exhaust with motor outside the hazardous area.
• Air renewal in buildings and industries.
• Industrial and professional kitchen hoods.
• Maximum continuous working temperature: carried air 80ºC, environment 60ºC for three phase and 50ºC for single phase motors.

• 60Hz and special voltages.
• Sparking proof fan with EEx_d certified motor.


Official homologation by the European laboratory APPLUS according to EN 12101-3:2015
Certification Nr: 0370-CPR-2656

Code Name
279560106 CTH3 560 T4 3kW F400
279800106 CTH3 800 T6 4kW F400
279500106 CTH3 500 T4 1,5kW F400
279630106 CTH3 630 T6 1,5kW F400
279710106 CTH3 710 T6 2,2kW F400
279220103 CTH3 225 M4 0,12kW F400
279220106 CTH3 225 T4 0,12kW F400
279250103 CTH3 250 M4 0,12kW F400
279250106 CTH3 250 T4 0,12kW F400
279280103 CTH3 280 M4 0,12kW F400
279280106 CTH3 280 T4 0,12kW F400
279310103 CTH3 315 M4 0,25kW F400
279310106 CTH3 315 T4 0,25kW F400
279350106 CTH3 355 T4 0,55kW F400
279410103 CTH3 400 M6 0,37kW F400
279400106 CTH3 400 T4 0,75kW F400
279410106 CTH3 400 T6 0,37kW F400
279510106 CTH3 500 T6 0,75kW F400
279570106 CTH3 560 T6 0,75kW F400
2795601062V CTH3 560 T4/T8 3/0,55kW F400
2795001062V CTH3 500 T4/T8 1,5/0,25kW F400
2793101062V CTH3 315 T4/T8 0,25/0,03kW F400
2793501062V CTH3 355 T4/T8 0,55/0,09kW F400
2794001062V CTH3 400 T4/T8 0,75/0,12kW F400