JF F300

JF F300



The JF models are composed of an axial fan and two silencers.

• Axial fan with galvanized steel casing. The connection box is accessible by the side from a removable door.
• Standard asynchronous squirrel-cage motor with IP-55 protection and Class H insulation, CERTIFIED 300ºC/2h. Standard voltages 400V(Y) 50Hz for 1 speed motors and 400V 50Hz for 2 speed motors.

• Casing in galvanized steel. Inner duct made of perforated galvanized steel sheet. The silencers are filled with mineral wool with high acoustic absorption properties, preventing most of the fan noise to be propagated.
• Unidirectional JF F300 UN is equipped with a protection guard at the inlet side and a deflector at the outlet. The deflector directs the air away from the ceiling and obstacles like beams or ducting, sweeping the whole volume of air to the closest extraction point.
• Reversible JF F300 RE is equipped with protection guards on both sides.


• Conceived for car parkings and large spaces where polluted air, or smoke from an accidental fire, needs to be removed effectively. An optimized design minimizes the height needed for their installation and assures a silent operation.
• Maximum working temperature: 60ºC.


Code Name
274301196F3 JF 300 T2 RE F300
274300196F3 JF 300 T2 UN F300
274401196F3 JF 400 T2 RE F300
274400196F3 JF 400 T2 UN F300
274301296F3 JF 300 T2/T4 RE F300
274300296F3 JF 300 T2/T4 UN F300
274401296F3 JF 400 T2/T4 RE F300
274400296F3 JF 400 T2/T4 UN F300