• Fan made of Fe360 sheet. The fan paint finish is based on a Qualicoat polyester powder coating stoved at 200ºC, with an average film thickness of 70 microns. Average heat resistence of coating is 180ºC with peaks of 200ºC.
• High efficiency simple inlet forward curved impeller made of Fe360 sheet statically and dynamically balanced.
Impellers are painted with polyester primer that resists temperatures up to 300ºC.
• ATEX asynchronous squirrel-cage motor  ATEX certified according to the zone. Class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230/400V 50Hz in three phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.
• Standard orientation LG270.


Designed for inline installation, they are suitable for:
• Industrial applications, extraction or injection of air.
• Cooling of machines and parts.
• Clean air transport.
• Maximum working temperature: carried air: ambient: 60ºC.


· Fans for 60Hz and special voltages.

· C4 or C5 coating painting
· Hot dip galvanized
· Inox 304 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Inox 316 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Split casing (for big sizes)
· Drain plug.
· Frontal foot
· Orientation: RD0, RD45, RD90, RD135, RD180, RD225, RD270, RD315, LG0, LG45, LG90, LG135, LG180. LG225, LG315.

Code Name
501402229X_ MBCA 220 T2 3kW ATEX
501402529X_ MBCA 250 T2 3kW ATEX
501402532X_ MBCA 250 T2 4kW ATEX
501403556X_ MBCA 350 T4 3kW ATEX
501403559X_ MBCA 350 T4 4kW ATEX
501404580X_ MBCA 450 T6 3kW ATEX
501405083X_ MBCA 500 T6 4kW ATEX
501404552X_ MBCA 450 T4 15kW ATEX
501405052X_ MBCA 500 T4 15kW ATEX
501405055X_ MBCA 500 T4 22kW ATEX
501405655X_ MBCA 560 T4 22kW ATEX
501405658X_ MBCA 560 T4 37kW ATEX
501405675X_ MBCA 560 T6 11kW ATEX
501406375X_ MBCA 630 T6 11kW ATEX
501401818X_ MBCA 180 T2 1,1kW ATEX
501402018X_ MBCA 200 T2 1,1kW ATEX
501402027X_ MBCA 200 T2 2,2kW ATEX
501402219X_ MBCA 220 T2 1,5kW ATEX
501402834X_ MBCA 280 T2 5,5kW ATEX
501402836X_ MBCA 280 T2 7,5kW ATEX
501402845X_ MBCA 280 T4 1,1kW ATEX
501403146X_ MBCA 310 T4 1,5kW ATEX
501403154X_ MBCA 310 T4 2,2kW ATEX
501403554X_ MBCA 350 T4 2,2kW ATEX
501403573X_ MBCA 350 T6 1,1kW ATEX
501404061X_ MBCA 400 T4 5,5kW ATEX
501404063X_ MBCA 400 T4 7,5kW ATEX
501404074X_ MBCA 400 T6 1,5kW ATEX
501404078X_ MBCA 400 T6 2,2kW ATEX
501404563X_ MBCA 450 T4 7,5kW ATEX
501405085X_ MBCA 500 T6 5,5kW ATEX
501405687X_ MBCA 560 T6 7,5kW ATEX
501401816X_ MBCA 180 T2 0,55kW ATEX
501402242X_ MBCA 220 T4 0,37kW ATEX
501402542X_ MBCA 250 T4 0,37kW ATEX
501402543X_ MBCA 250 T4 0,55kW ATEX
501402844X_ MBCA 280 T4 0,75kW ATEX
501403170X_ MBCA 310 T6 0,37kW ATEX
501403171X_ MBCA 310 T6 0,55kW ATEX
501403572X_ MBCA 350 T6 0,75kW ATEX
501406377X_ MBCA 630 T6 18,5kW ATEX