• Fan made of Fe360 sheet. The fan paint finish is based on a Qualicoat polyester powder coating stoved at 200ºC, with an average film thickness of 70 microns. Average heat resistence of coating is 180ºC with peaks of 200ºC.
• Fully welded or joined housing. 
• Impellers are painted with polyester primer that resists temperatures up to 300ºC.
• Motorized fan with base frame (configuration 12). Full equipped fans including: motor, pulleys, belts, belts guard and shaft guard. Fitted over a base plate.
• Standard orientation: LG270.
• It allows adjusting the orientation locally at models 250 to 630. Models sizes 710 to 1000 size, orientation is fixed.


Designed for inline installation, they are suitable for:
• Industrial applications, extraction or injection of air.
• Cooling of machines and parts.
• Clean air and pneumatic transport.
• Solid material transport and textile fibers.
• Maximum working temperature: carried air: 130ºC, ambient 60ºC.


· Fans for 60Hz and special voltages.
· 2 speed motor.
· Fan with free shaft (configuration 1) or with motor supported on the pedestal side (configuration 9).
· C4 or C5 coating painting
· Hot dip galvanized
· Special steel (Cor-Ten A, Hardox...)
· Inox 304 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Inox 316 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Cooling wheel
· Anticaloric paint
· Reinforced housing
· Fully welded housing (waterproof)
· Insulated housing
· Split casing (for big sizes)
· Inspection door to facilitate maintenance and cleaning
· Drain plug.
· Airtight axle
· Frontal foot
· Double suction flange
· Non-sparking air passage and standard motor.
· Other brands of motors.
· Orientation: RD0, RD45, RD90, RD135, RD180, RD225, RD270, RD315, LG0, LG45, LG90, LG135, LG180. LG225, LG315.

Code Name
5049025__R___ MTZM 250 P/R
5049028__R___ MTZM 280 P/R
5049031__R___ MTZM 310 P/R
5049035__R___ MTZM 350 P/R
5049040__R___ MTZM 400 P/R
5049045__R___ MTZM 450 P/R
5049050__R___ MTZM 500 P/R
5049056__R___ MTZM 560 P/R
5049063__R___ MTZM 630 P/R
5049071__R___ MTZM 710 P/R
5049080__R___ MTZM 800 P/R
5049090__R___ MTZM 900 P/R
5049100__R___ MTZM 1000 P/R