• Medium pressure centrifugal fan with direct coupling.
• Reinforced housing made of carbon laminated steel, protected against corrosion by powder coating polyester resin RAL 5010. Finish C3.
• Self-cleaning turbine and reinforced impeller with high-performance backward (reaction) blades made of carbon laminated steel dynamically balanced to minimize noise and vibrations. Black painted RAL 9005
• ATEX standard asynchronous motor. ATEX certified according to the zone. Class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230/400V 50Hz in three phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.
• Motor with feet (B3) supported on motor support foot.
• Models of size 500 and above are supplied with a front support foot, for the other models the front support foot is optional.
• Available in the following orientations (to be indicated in case of order): LG0, LG45, LG90, LG135, LG180; LG225, LG270, LG315, RD0, RD45, RD90, RD135, RD180; RD225, RD270, RD315.
• Maximum working temperature in continuous: Environment: 60ºC.


• Ventilation in indoor environments classified as ATEX. Suitable for moving clean or dusty air. Designed to be installed in conduit for suction or impulsion.

  •      Paint booths
  •      Collection of dust
  •      Food industry dryers
  •      Food processing
  •      Incineration
  •      Odor control in industry
  •      Indoor / outdoor pollution control
  •      Big buildings
  •      Malls
  •      Factories / Industrial buildings
  •      Warehouses
  •      Extraction of smoke
  •      Boilers and ovens
  •      Manufacture and treatment of chemical products.
  •      Tunnels, underground stations.


· Fans for 60Hz and special voltages.
· C4 or C5 coating painting
· Hot dip galvanized
· Inox 304 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Inox 316 (normal or electropolished finish)
· Inspection door to facilitate maintenance and cleaning
· Drain plug.

Code Name
NX3542100X_ NIMAX 354 T2 3kW ATEX
NX4032112X_ NIMAX 403 T2 4kW ATEX
NX5634100X_ NIMAX 563 T4 3kW ATEX
NX5644100X_ NIMAX 564 T4 3kW ATEX
NX7136132X_ NIMAX 713 T6 3kW ATEX
NX7146132X_ NIMAX 714 T6 3kW ATEX
NX9038160X_ NIMAX 903 T8 4kW ATEX
NX9048160X_ NIMAX 904 T8 4kW ATEX
NX4542132X_ NIMAX 454 T2 11kW ATEX
NX5032160X_ NIMAX 503 T2 15kW ATEX
NX5042160X_ NIMAX 504 T2 15kW ATEX
NX7134132X_ NIMAX 713 T4 11kW ATEX
NX7144160X_ NIMAX 714 T4 11kW ATEX
NX9034200X_ NIMAX 903 T4 30kW ATEX
NX9036160X_ NIMAX 903 T6 11kW ATEX
NX9044225X_ NIMAX 904 T4 37kW ATEX
NX9046160X_ NIMAX 904 T6 11kW ATEX
NX10034250X_ NIMAX 1003 T4 55kW ATEX
NX10036180X_ NIMAX 1003 T6 15kW ATEX
NX10044250X_ NIMAX 1004 T4 55kW ATEX
NX313290X_ NIMAX 313 T2 1,5kW ATEX
NX314290X_ NIMAX 314 T2 1,5kW ATEX
NX353290X_ NIMAX 353 T2 2,2kW ATEX
NX4042132X_ NIMAX 404 T2 5,5kW ATEX
NX4532132X_ NIMAX 453 T2 7,5kW ATEX
NX453490X_ NIMAX 453 T4 1,1kW ATEX
NX454490X_ NIMAX 454 T4 1,1kW ATEX
NX503490X_ NIMAX 503 T4 1,5kW ATEX
NX5044100X_ NIMAX 504 T4 2,2kW ATEX
NX563690X_ NIMAX 563 T6 1,1kW ATEX
NX564690X_ NIMAX 564 T6 1,1kW ATEX
NX6334132X_ NIMAX 633 T4 5,5kW ATEX
NX6336100X_ NIMAX 633 T6 1,5kW ATEX
NX6344132X_ NIMAX 634 T4 5,5kW ATEX
NX6346112X_ NIMAX 634 T6 2,2kW ATEX
NX8036132X_ NIMAX 803 T6 5,5kW ATEX
NX8038132X_ NIMAX 803 T8 2,2kW ATEX
NX8046132X_ NIMAX 804 T6 5,5kW ATEX
NX8048132X_ NIMAX 804 T8 2,2kW ATEX
NX10038160X_ NIMAX 1003 T8 7,5kW ATEX
NX10048160X_ NIMAX 1004 T8 7,5kW ATEX
NX313471X_ NIMAX 313 T4 0,37kW ATEX
NX314471X_ NIMAX 314 T4 0,37kW ATEX
NX353471X_ NIMAX 353 T4 0,37kW ATEX
NX354471X_ NIMAX 354 T4 0,37kW ATEX
NX403480X_ NIMAX 403 T4 0,55kW ATEX
NX404480X_ NIMAX 404 T4 0,55kW ATEX
NX503680X_ NIMAX 503 T6 0,55kW ATEX
NX504680X_ NIMAX 504 T6 0,55kW ATEX
NX8034180X_ NIMAX 803 T4 18,5kW ATEX
NX8044180X_ NIMAX 804 T4 18,5kW ATEX
NX10046200X_ NIMAX 1004 T6 18,5kW ATEX