Thermally insulated flexible duct manufactured with inner tube 3 layers of aluminum and 2 layers of polyester. Reinforced internally with spiral steel wire. 25mm mineral wool insulation, exterior coating with aluminum and polyester multilayer pipe that works as an optimal vapor barrier and prevents condensation

Classification of fire resistance: M1

Maximum working pressure: 3000 Pa

Working temperature: -30 to 140ºC

Maximum speed: 30m/s


In sections of 10 meters for installations of air conditioning, ventilation and VMC systems.

Code Name
10000601 THERMI Ø102
10000602 THERMI Ø127
10000603 THERMI Ø152
10000604 THERMI Ø160
10000606 THERMI Ø203
10000608 THERMI Ø254
10000610 THERMI Ø305
10000611 THERMI Ø315
10000612 THERMI Ø356
10000613 THERMI Ø406
10000614 THERMI Ø457
10000615 THERMI Ø508