• Centrifugal fan of medium pressure direct coupling type plug fan.
• Square frame made of carbon laminated steel, protected against corrosion by coating C3 finished paint.
• Self-cleaning turbine and reinforced impeller of high performance backward blades made of carbon laminated steel dynamically balanced to minimize noise and vibrations. C3 black paint.
• IE3 motor for continuous operation (S1). Standardized asynchronous squirrel cage motor with IP-55 protection and class F electrical isolation. Standard voltages 230/400V 50Hz for three-phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.
• Motor with flange (B5) and airtight shaft.
• Maximum continuous working temperature: ambient (motor): 60ºC.
• Suitable for transferring gases from -40ºC to 120ºC continuously.


Plug fan installation for gas recirculation in:
• Integrated in Machinery
• Paint booths
• Dryers of tobacco leaves, barley, ceramics, glass, wood
• Odor control in industry
• Indoor / outdoor pollution control
• Clean air drive and renewal
• Big buildings
• Malls
• Factories / Industrial buildings
• Warehouses
• Manufacture and treatment of chemical products.

• Fans for special voltages
• Refrigeration roll
• 2 speed motor
• C5 corrosion protection
• Anti-caloric paint
• Inox 304
• Inox 316
• Spark construction
• Other construction sizes
• Other motors according to customer requirements

Code Name
PF5614105LG CIKSTORM 561 T4 3kW
PF5644105LG CIKSTORM 564 T4 3kW
PF7116135LG CIKSTORM 711 T6 3kW
PF7146135LG CIKSTORM 714 T6 3kW
PF7114165LG CIKSTORM 711 T4 11kW
PF7144165LG CIKSTORM 714 T4 11kW
PF4514905LG CIKSTORM 451 T4 1,1kW
PF4544905LG CIKSTORM 454 T4 1,1kW
PF5014125LG CIKSTORM 501 T4 2,2kW
PF5016105LG CIKSTORM 501 T6 1,5kW
PF5044125LG CIKSTORM 504 T4 2,2kW
PF5046105LG CIKSTORM 504 T6 1,5kW
PF5616105LG CIKSTORM 561 T6 1,5kW
PF5646105LG CIKSTORM 564 T6 1,5kW
PF6314135LG CIKSTORM 631 T4 5,5kW
PF6316115LG CIKSTORM 631 T6 2,2kW
PF6344135LG CIKSTORM 634 T4 5,5kW
PF6346115LG CIKSTORM 634 T6 2,2kW
PF8016135LG CIKSTORM 801 T6 5,5kW
PF8046135LG CIKSTORM 804 T6 5,5kW
PF8014185LG CIKSTORM 801 T4 18,5kW
PF8044185LG CIKSTORM 804 T4 18,5kW